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Wide Application Field Of Braided Rope

Nov 03, 2017

Braided rope also known as: Flexible sling, round sling, flexible sling, nylon rope, polyamide sling. According to the production method also known as: Braided rope, twisted rope, hollow rope, by use: braided rope, horizontal protective rope, safety rope, fire-resistant rope, traction rope, insurance rope, lead rope, etc., is pure hand-drawn.

Braided rope Material: nylon, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, insulating silk and so on. Spec.: φ3-φ106.

Braided Rope Application field: Applicable to oil, Braid Rope chemical and other key fire units, machinery and gold processing, mechanical assembly and the whole machine exterior paint packing factory hoisting; the braided rope is not damaged by the exterior paint; The braided rope also applies to the Power plant unit overhaul hoisting and turbine rotors

Weaving rope Advantages: steel wire rope hoisting contact with small surface easily damaged hanging objects, only to the hoisting billet and surface of the steel pipe, Braid Rope steel and semi-finished products. Braided rope can not only lift the above-mentioned blanks, but also suitable for the hoisting of paint products, plastic products, soft materials, trees, machine tools and surface treatment or anti-corrosion insulation after pipe pipes and high precision items. Woven rope Light, fast, wear-resistant, collision will not produce sparks, tensile strength, flexible, easy to operate, woven rope is the ideal wire rope replacement products.

High-strength tubular braided ropes for fishing. In order to improve the mechanical properties of the high intensity tubular braided rope, the utility model provides a high strength tubular braided rope, Braid Rope which comprises a rope core and a woven rope face in the outer tubular structure of the rope core, which is characterized in that the number of cores is at least 1 strands, The yarns of each strand are used for fishing ultrahigh-molecular weight polyethylene filament yarns with a wire density of 4000D in the case of no twisting and a filament yarn of high strength polyethylene filament with a thread of linear thickness of the yarn, Braid Rope with a 16 strands of rope strands woven from the face of the braided rope, The Rope strand yarn is made of a fishing polypropylene filament yarn with a thread density of 2000D in the case of no twisting and the filament of the fishing polypropylene filament filament. Braid Rope The utility model can effectively improve the appearance, price-performance ratio, section roundness and mechanical properties of high strength tubular braided ropes for fishing.