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Weaving Rope Production Process

Aug 16, 2017

Weaving rope varieties are nylon multifilament, nylon, polypropylene filament, polyester / polypropylene filament mixed.

The high tensile strength of the braided rope is an effective way to improve the bearing capacity. The low elongation can control the effective sag, so that the load rope is under the load, and the fog falls as small as possible to ensure that the netting distance and the charged electric power are safe Claim.

Braided rope good resistance to bending fatigue properties, wear resistance, anti-ultraviolet and chemical resistance and other characteristics, Braid Rope is conducive to recycling in the construction of recycling.

Knitting rope is a knitting machine made of knitting machine rope products, mainly used in the apparel industry, and braided rope is divided into two types of flat rope and round rope, the following we mainly talk about the characteristics of the rope and the production process The

Braided ropes are generally made of double-spindle models, such as: 8, 16, 24, 32 and so on. Ordinary round rope is a kind of braided rope, 1 ~ 4 mm in diameter rope or rope, diameter greater than 4 mm, also known as rope, Braid Rope diameter greater than 40 mm is generally referred to as cable or cable.

Ordinary braided rope is made by the latitude and longitude intertwined, and twist after the yarn made by the whole bobbin (pan head) weft shaved into the child from the compiled. According to the size of the model, the thickness of raw materials, color and color changes can be woven 0.5-10MM thickness of different color change round rope.

Special round rope lines can be divided into flat pattern, word pattern, jacquard lines, satin, rib, grid pattern, round dot pattern, Braid Rope the current market is a special round rope is more high-end ribbon. Round rope it is mainly applicable to climbing, climbing, elastic rope for a variety of mountaineering backpack, travel bags, rope skipping, clothesline and so on.

Round rope by category is divided into nylon, cotton, polypropylene, Braid Rope rayon round rope, which is generally rayon round rope 0.6mm / 0.8mm, regular processing such as beer Tsui, printing, bronzing, Braid Rope wax and other technology.

The specifications of the braided rope are as follows:

Diameter: 3MM-25MM

Material: cotton, polyester cotton, PP polypropylene, polyester, nylon, latex, imported rubber, rayon, nylon

Process: 8 shares, 16 shares, 24 shares, 32 shares, three shares, single hook, four needle

Specifications: diameter 0.2 ~ 18.0cm, Braid Rope can be customized on demand.