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Use Of Polypropylene Rope

Jul 25, 2017

Polypropylene rope for the often pull off the goods friends, is an indispensable tool for closing. Polypropylene rope with corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, by the impact of heavy objects is not easy to break.

Polypropylene rope is also a people often use a packaging rope, with the continuous improvement of living standards, Polypropylene Rope and gradually produced a polypropylene rope to help us bundle items. But not all of the polypropylene ropes are good.

Through our understanding of the production of polypropylene rope, polypropylene rope film thickness should be adjusted evenly, the points set the temperature to be accurate, the temperature is too low, the raw material is easy to produce particles, the temperature is too high, Polypropylene Rope the raw materials will be alienated, Face hole. Cooling the throttle to be appropriate, the damper open too easy to cause instability of the membrane jitter, the throttle is too small cooling strength is not enough, Polypropylene Rope the film is easy to produce wrinkles. Before and after the wheel speed than to be accurate.

Recovery and reproduction of polypropylene rope meters short, low pull, the quality was not as good as the new material manufacturing polypropylene rope. Finally, Polypropylene Rope in the course of the use of polypropylene rope can not be knotted knot, nor allowed to hook directly on the polypropylene rope used to avoid damage to the polypropylene rope, and secondly, the various parts of the polypropylene rope shall not be arbitrarily removed.

Generally in the use of polypropylene rope operation process, Polypropylene Rope we should pay attention to a certain security technology. The following is a brief description of the safety technology of polypropylene rope manufacturers:

Polypropylene rope should be carefully checked before use, if found to have a macular should be reduced when used; polypropylene rope is generally used for light weight objects tied, hoisting, mast; in the bundle of objects is to avoid direct contact with the sharp; The uniform wear of the hemp surface shall not exceed 30% of the diameter, and the local damage shall not exceed 20% of the diameter; Polypropylene Rope the polypropylene rope is not easy to use under the chemical substance of the corrosion; when the polypropylene rope is knitted Loose length of about 10 times the diameter of hemp rope, each hemp rope required to wear more than 3 flowers, the length of 20cm-30cm is appropriate.