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Tiger Rope Is Mountaineering Equipment

Sep 06, 2017

The tiger rope is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of modern mountaineering. Tiger rope all used in a number of stranded rope outside the mesh with a layer of mesh outside the mesh, rather than using ordinary nylon rope. According to the use of different requirements, mainly wear resistance and friction two, the tiger rope outside the network is also divided into single or double woven two. In general, Tiger Rope single-woven mesh tiger rope friction is relatively small, but also more wear-resistant. Tiger rope a variety of colors, in general, with a different team of climbing team to use the best rope to open the color, so that in the technical operation does not occur lost.

The following details about the technical characteristics of the tiger rope. The general climbers always think that the tension of the tiger rope is an important technical parameter, in fact, the tiger rope is generally not marked the maximum tension, but marked with impact (Impact Force), ductility (Stretch) and international Number of landing down (UIAA FULL) these parameters. Here we must first explain the climb on the requirements of the tiger rope, Tiger Rope we know that the falling object to stop when the drop is far greater than its own weight, and climbers in the final fall depends on the tiger rope pull to stop, so the tiger rope To the human body a great pull, this tension is related to the safety of the climbers is an important parameter. The UIAA requires that this impact should never be greater than 12 kN (about 1.2 tons), and that more than this rally seat belt may pull the climbers' The magnitude of the impact is largely determined by the ductility of the tiger rope, which is widely known as a dynamic rope in a foreign country. Tiger Rope Only such ropes can cope with the possibility of climbing, the extension of such ropes Sex in general 6 to 8% of the.

Tiger rope is a mountaineering equipment, sub-main rope and auxiliary rope two, then the tiger rope is how to use it?

How to use the tiger rope

1, Backed-up Square knot. This method is the best choice for connecting two ropes because it is easier to unlock after taking the weight.

2, double fisherman's knot double fisherman knot The most suitable for connecting the rope (runner) or standing (not often open) the rope, because it is more difficult to solve the weight after the solution.

3, Clove hitch double knot. It is easy to knot and adjust, Tiger Rope it is suitable for fixed point erection.

4, Garga knot drag hanging knot. A knot that restricts the rope to a single movement, suitable for towing something that is not too heavy (for example, when the rope is climbing; it can be used to drag its own backpack), especially if no one can help you When dragging.

5, Munter hitch Italy half knot This knot can be used to ensure that, especially when you are missing to ensure that the equipment or no equipment, it is best not to use Italy half knot to fall, Tiger Rope otherwise the rope is easy to tangled together. Italian knot + a runner + a big mouth with a hook ring, it is equivalent to a simple harness and descender, is a climber every mountain climbing the best necessary equipment, and sometimes can prepare their own , Sometimes can help others.

6, Butterfly knot bow. A good knot, often playing in the middle of the rope, used to cross the glacier.

7, Overhand bend water knot.

Playing on the main rope. Although it is also known as the European knot, but there are many climbers like to use it to connect two descending rope, because it is not the same as the other knot when the card will be tight, but after the water must be set to stay 10 Centimeters around the rope.

Playing on a flat belt. Water knot hit on the flat belt once the force is difficult to solve, so often used in the need to untie the rope (runner) on.

8, Slingle Bowling said human knot (cloth knot). Known as the knot of the king, Tiger Rope said people often hit the safety of the harness, simply called the knot can not be practical, must be coupled with a single knot can be used. Called the knot must learn to send the body, sent on the matter, eyes closed to send the skills.

9, Stopper knot only knot. Only the end of the knot is half of the three fishermen knot, it often hit the end of the rope to prevent the rope climbing when the accident occurred, Tiger Rope only the cable will generally stuck in the descending device, but the 8-ring except.

10, Figure-8 knot. The most popular knot, commonly used in the linked harness.