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The Rope Ladder Is The Main Tool For Footsteps

Aug 04, 2017

The characteristics of the rope ladder

With no restrictions on the length, soft, easy to transport, the use of lightweight and so on

Wire rope rope, rope rope ladder, insulated rope ladder, Rope Ladder with protective rope ladder

Insulated rope ladder with silk weaving, Rope Ladder upper and lower tube for the insulation tube, especially for electric power live construction

Wire rope ladder pull 500kg, insulated rope ladder force 300kg

Modern physical training is one of the main means to improve the athletic level of athletes, and technical training, tactical training, psychological training constitute a complete training system. Rope ladder is developed in recent years, a modern physical training methods. Is a training for the athlete's ability to react quickly and exercise the ability to perform an action in the shortest possible time. Rope Ladder The use of rope ladder for a variety of action exercises, especially footwork mobile practice, is to improve athletic ability of a practical training methods.

The staircase training is a training tool that uses trapezoidal ropes to train athletes' footsteps, flexibility and agility. It is the main tool for footsteps. Rope Ladder There are many sports items such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and tennis that need to move quickly. great help.

Rope ladder (agile ladder training) role:

Agile ladder can improve the rapid pace of movement; can improve the body's flexibility, balance and coordination.

Agile ladder exercise can enhance the soles of the feet muscle, ankle and knee small muscle group function, reduce the probability of lower limb injury. Can improve the rhythm of physical movement.