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The Rope Ladder Is Durable

Jun 30, 2017

Rope ladder features

1, rope ladder safety rope weaving compact, white polypropylene machine twisting tension strong, more materials, cost. Poor soft ladder less loose material

2, rope ladder safety rope are white polypropylene line, non-inferior quality silk. Rope Ladder Poor rope ladder silk is not up to the standard pull.

3, rope ladder foot pipe made of synthetic glass steel, can prevent the bullet material, bearing absolute safety, both ends of the wear-resistant white sets, stampede the number of crossers, 37CM one. Poor ladder will be one or two less.

4, rope ladder hook with a triangular ring protection, Rope Ladder to prevent hanging point wear. Bad rope ladder without triangular circle.

5, with no restrictions on the length, soft, easy to transport, the use of lightweight and so on.

6, a resin pipe rope ladder, steel pipe steel wire rope ladder.

7, good toughness, wear resistance, and nice, convenient and practical.

8, the main product specifications 20x330x370, 20x400x400

The highest advantage of polypropylene weaving is the texture of light, high strength, elongation, so good wear resistance of polypropylene; polypropylene moisture absorption is good, almost no moisture, the general conditions of moisture regain near zero; Chemical resistance, in addition to concentrated nitric acid, concentrated caustic soda, Rope Ladder the polypropylene acid and alkali resistance to good performance, the use of very smooth, wear durable, sunscreen, strength, light weight, to attract shock, non-toxic, bright color Wait.

Rope staircase can be made of epoxy resin, made of epoxy resin, commonly known as FRP, diameter 22mm, with corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, Naisuan Jian, anti-moth, non-slip, by the wet type, dry and not crack. Can also be used square steel pipe, Rope Ladder plastic pipe has a good anti-skid effect, wire rope core, a smaller ductility, high weight, have good stability, suitable for construction purposes.