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The Rope Ladder Improves The Rhythmic Body Movement

Jun 01, 2017

Rope ladder can improve the rapid pace of movement; can improve the body's flexibility, balance and coordination. The exercise of the rope ladder can enhance the muscular function of the soles of the feet, Rope Ladder the ankle joint and the knee joint, and reduce the probability of lower limb injury. Rope Ladder Can improve the rhythm of physical movement.

Benefits of rope ladder training:

1. Rope ladder can develop the ability to coordinate the body cross.

2. The rope ladder can develop the relative rotation ability of the buttocks and shoulders.

3. The rope ladder is a good training for lower limb stability.

4. The rope ladder can awaken the central nervous system.

5. The rope ladder can increase body temperature on the warm body.

6. The rope ladder can be used as an alternative to the explosive power of older customers.

7. The rope ladder can be used as a great aerobic training tool.