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The Knot Method Of The Tiger Rope Requires Very High

Sep 27, 2017

Tiger Rope has the advantages of corrosion resistance, aging resistance and high tensile strength.

Tiger Rope Rope (sign rope)

Material: Polyethylene

Color: two yellow (1#~5#) a black

Spec.: Diameter 9* (20m, 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m)

Diameter 10* (20m, 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m,)

Packing form: Roll type, tie type, style or chuck

Limit tensile force: 2.8t

Using tensile force: 2.8t

Scope of application: Civil, transportation, construction, shipbuilding, industry, voyage transportation

Advantages: can be used as floating cable, strong warning, anti-aging.

Tiger ropes belong to mountaineering equipment. As more and more people like outdoor sports, for some difficult projects, you can use the tiger rope to the external force to carry out, Tiger Rope and its security issues for the quality of the tiger rope and the method of tying the knot is very high, the following small series for everyone to introduce the knot method of tiger rope.

The knot method of the tiger rope:

Half knot plus double fish Knot: This method is the best choice for connecting two ropes, Tiger Rope a knotting method that is easy to unravel after enduring weight.

Double Fisherman's Knot: This method of knotting is best suited for connecting a rope ring or a rope that is not often untied because the double fisherman's knot is difficult to open after the weight is borne. Double-sleeve knot: It is very suitable for the erection of fixed point, Tiger Rope it is easy to adjust after knotting.

Towing knot: When climbing, you can use the Tiger rope to drag your backpack. It is a knot that can restrict the rope and move in a single way.

Italian half knot: Usually used to make sure, with the rope ring, Big Mouth has a lock hook ring used, just knot after easily corrected together. is a mountain climber when the necessary equipment, not only can use, but also help others.

Bow: This is a good knot, usually in the middle of the rope, used to cross the glacier.

Water knot: On the main rope, it can also be called the European knot. If it is on the flat strap, it is difficult to untie, so it is generally used in the rope ring that does not need to be untied. Brin: Also known as the King of the knot, said the knot is often hit on the safety strap, Tiger Rope but must add a single knot to be able to use.

Stop knot: That is equivalent to half three knots, usually at the end of the rope, to prevent the rope team in the climb when the accident occurred. The knot of the eight-knot: It is one of the knots on the strap and is also the most popular knot.

Tiger Rope Maintenance:

Try not to lend your own rope to others, Tiger Rope and every rope has its own record of use, but also to observe the appearance of the tiger rope is not abnormal and wear and tear, when using the rope, try not to let the tiger rope contact the ground, and it is best to flat on the rope bag, Tiger Rope and can not step on the rope, Otherwise, the tiger rope will be exposed to some of the sand grains and other forms of wear to the tiger rope. In addition, regular cleaning of the tiger rope.