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The Color Of The Tiger Rope Is Varied

Sep 18, 2017

The tiger Rope is designed and produced according to the requirements of modern mountaineering. The tiger ropes are all used outside of a number of strands of woven rope, with a layer of net woven rope, instead of ordinary nylon ropes. According to the different requirements of the use, mainly wear resistance and friction two, the outer net of the tiger rope is also divided into two types of single or double weaving. In general, the single woven outer net of the tiger rope friction is small, but also more wear-resistant. The color of the tiger rope is various, in general, the same one. Tiger Rope The ropes used by different players are best to fork out the color so that they do not take place in the technical operation.

The technical characteristics of the tiger rope are described in detail below. General climbers always think that the pull of the tiger rope is an important technical parameter, in fact, the tiger rope generally do not mark the maximum tensile force, but the impact (Impact Force), ductility (Stretch) and the number of international boarding drops (UIAA full) these parameters. Here is a description of the climb to the tiger rope requirements, Tiger Rope we know that the pull of the falling object is far greater than its own weight, and the climber at the end of the fall to rely on the pull of the tiger rope to stop the fall, so the tiger rope to the human body a great pull, this tension is related to the climber is safe important parameters. UIAA (international) requires that the impact must not be greater than 12,000 cattle (about 1.2 tonnes), Tiger Rope and that the pull belt may break the climber's waist. The magnitude of the impact is largely determined by the ductility of the Tiger Rope, which is widely known abroad as the Power rope (dynamic Rope), and only this kind of rope can cope with the climb of the possibility of falling, the ductility of which is generally 6~8%.

Tiger Rope Material: polyethylene

Tiger Rope Color: two yellow (1#~5#) a black

Spec.: Diameter 9* (20m, 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m)

Diameter 10* (20m, 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m,)

Packing form: Roll type, tie type, style or chuck

Limit tensile force: 2.8t

Using tensile force: 2.8t

Scope of application: Civil, transportation, construction, shipbuilding, industry, voyage transportation

Advantages: can be used as floating cable, strong warning, anti-aging.