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The Braided Rope Has Good Abrasion Resistance

Jun 01, 2017

The braided rope has good abrasion resistance, rather than being damaged as easily as oil or most chemicals. The braided rope has a good anti-UV sunshine deterioration, known as "UV stability".

The braided rope is the most widely used in all the ropes used. The nylon rope is stretched with a "memory" that returns to its original length, Braid Rope and for this reason it is the best rope to absorb the impact load, which can sustain 4-5 times the stretch length of natural fibers.

At present, the domestic manufacturers of knitting rope more, use more widely, the development prospects are very good, such as the application of a company, Braid Rope to create the principle of rigorous rigidity, in their own unique way, Industry civilization.

The braided rope has good abrasion resistance, Braid Rope is not easy to damage, and good anti-UV sunshine is known as "UV stability".

Although the knitting rope is good but the use of degrees, here refers to the degree of knitting rope is the application of the field, the user can not because of the braided rope toughness and high hardness of the product applied to various fields.

Braided rope after high temperature boiled will produce toxic substances on human health, such as methane and other toxins. Toxins will infiltrate the boiling water and dumplings, people eat the toxins contaminated dumplings, ranging from nausea and stomach discomfort, severe cases will appear dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain, Braid Rope diarrhea and other symptoms. So do not use nylon rope dressing need to heat the food.

Rope maintenance, the use of the process of maintenance: several acts of harm to the rope: can not sun (afraid of heat), acid corrosion (alkali), on the car trunk Lai La La to wait (above acts in addition to acid corrosion Outside is not absolute). The cleaning of the rope: you can use water (neutral or special washing liquid) after washing on the ground in the dry; use the process to avoid hard objects hurt; although stampede will not bring damage to the rope should be avoided.