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The Braid Has A Good Insulation Performance

Sep 06, 2017

Braided rope is a super-polyethylene fiber, the use of gel spinning method for production, has the following characteristics:

(1) the high tensile strength of the braided rope is to effectively improve the bearing capacity, the low elongation can control the effective sag, making the load rope under load conditions, Braid Rope fox hanging as small as possible to ensure that the closure device and live power clearance Distance to meet safety requirements

(2) braided rope has a good insulation and moisture resistance can guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment in the construction process.

(3) The braided rope of the sheath is not affected by the vibration of the breeze, Braid Rope and there is no effect of the reduction of the strand and the strength.

(4) strong horse fiber material light, the same breaking strength under the conditions of tension, Dyneema rope weight per meter only 15% of the rope, the use of Dyneema rope is conducive to reducing labor intensity, Braid Rope improve efficiency and aging.

(5) braided rope good resistance to bending fatigue performance, wear resistance, anti-ultraviolet and chemical resistance and other characteristics, is conducive to recycling in the construction of recycling.

(6), weaving rope with strong horse Dyneema high strength polyethylene fiber twisted weave made of. The fiber strength is higher than the Kevlar about 40% higher than the carbon fiber twice, is the world's highest strength fiber; line density: 0.96, lighter than water; anti-cutting, thermal stability in general, ≥ 145 ℃ melting ( Easy to be tangled); smooth surface, low coefficient of friction, easy to fluff; elongation at break: 3.5%, Braid Rope bending fatigue than Kevlar good; strong corrosion resistance; good radiation resistance, stable under ultraviolet light; Products with insulation, excellent flexibility, light weight, strong tensile strength, excellent anti-aging, wear, small diameter, low elongation, etc.

Line thickness: diameter of 0.4 mm --- 14 mm