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Rope Ladder Can Be Used In Various Areas Of Escape

Aug 28, 2017

Rope ladder as a climbing tool is now widely used in people's lives, the traditional ladder in its structure mainly including the two sides of the support rods and several bars, some of the bars are horizontally positioned between the supporting rods on both sides, and when people use such ladders, both hands hold on to the supporting Rod, and the lower limbs cycle the bar so that the body climbs from bottom to top to achieve the role of elevating the space position of the human body, But the size of this ladder is generally larger in the idle time need to occupy a relatively large space, Rope Ladder not conducive to people to carry or storage. According to the above-mentioned situation, some rope ladders have been developed, which generally include the connecting ropes and some of the bars, which are arranged in turn from top to bottom, and the connecting ropes are connected on the sides of several of the rails. That is, Rope Ladder using the connecting rope to connect a number of the bar from top to bottom to form a whole, this rope ladder because of the use of connecting rope to connect a number of bars, so this rope ladder has the characteristics of folding, when not needed to use this rope ladder can be taken into bundles, This can greatly reduce the storage space, but this rope ladder in the specific use of the time there are some shortcomings are now described below. First of all, this rope ladder is not strong because people use this rope ladder to hang the top of the rope ladder on the wall or other objects, Rope Ladder at this moment the whole rope ladder from top to bottom hanging on the wall, because the whole rope ladder is connected to the use of connecting ropes so now the rope ladder overall softer, climbing this ladder of personnel often need to undergo special training or need to have the relevant professional skills.

The rope ladder must first hang the upper end of the pendant in a fixed location, and then the lower ladder suspended from top to bottom on the wall, at this point, with the help of the lower ladder body structure people can climb down the lower ladder body up and down, the lower ladder body of the utility model is integrally connected by a flexible rope, so when the utility model is idle, it can be simply folded and conveniently stored, and the utility model can be widely used in various escape fields, or in safety, Rope Ladder Fire fighting and other special environment of the field of operation, when the specific use of the lower ladder body from top to bottom hanging on the wall, by means of the supporting foot, the rail body is fixedly supported on the wall to achieve the overall stability of the utility model of the rope ladder, at the same time, the utility model also has a plug bar, Rope Ladder the structure of the replacement bar can greatly facilitate the folding of people. Rope ladder can be widely used in various areas of escape, or in the field of safety, fire and other special environmental operations.