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Mooring Rope Is A Necessary Equipment For Ships

Jul 12, 2017

Mooring ropes are widely used in marine mooring, oil platform parking, marine salvage, fishery mooring, ocean shipping, port operation, deep-sea operation, oil exploration and other fields. Shanghai Xing ' An gear Rope co., Ltd. Mooring rope varieties, specifications of the whole. At this stage, Mooring Rope the company mainly produces nylon, polyester, polypropylene, Manila, polyester/polypropylene hybrid, nylon/polypropylene blended, Vinylon, cotton yarn, uhmwpe fiber, Aramid fiber and other products. The structure is: three strands, four strands, six strands, stereotyped, 12 strands, 16 strands, double ply braided cable, anchor rope picture ...

Mooring rope materials are: polypropylene, High-strength polypropylene, Manila, polypropylene filament, polyester, polyester compound silk, nylon, nylon compound silk, all kinds of mixing, polymer fiber, aramid fiber and so on. According to specific requirements to provide CCS, ABS, NK, GL, BV, KR, LR, Mooring Rope DNV and other classification societies certification and CE, SGS and other third-party testing.

Mooring rope is a necessary equipment for ships, the market three shares, stereotyped mooring rope because of its technological structure factors, has been difficult to achieve the use of chemical fiber materials, in the mooring rope strength indicators, wear resistance, Mooring Rope elongation and other technical breakthroughs, if the use of high strength, high abrasion-resistant chemical fiber materials, will increase product costs and user costs. To sum up, on the basis of the use of the same chemical fiber materials, through the improvement of the process structure, to improve the comprehensive performance of mooring rope, is a double-layer multi-strand weaving efforts to solve the topic.

The double ply braided chemical fiber mooring rope is suitable for the shipbuilding industry, Ocean transportation, national defense industry, petroleum exploration, mining operations, Mooring Rope various ports and offshore operations and other important fields, as well as related ropes.

Product Main performance:

(1) breaking strength greatly improved.

(2) The wear-resisting performance achieves the same chemical fiber rope more than 1 time times.

(3) The elongation rate is lower than 10% of the same chemical fiber rope.

(4) Floating performance is superior to other chemical fiber ropes.