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Mills Are Used In A Wide Range

Sep 06, 2017

Life we will always encounter such a small object, although the body looks unreasonable, but as long as the right place or mastered the correct use of the method, it can bring us great convenience, cotton The rope is such an item. As the life of our bundled good partner, today Xiaobian should be friends on the request, for everyone to introduce the details of the relevant knowledge of cotton。

Miansheng, as the name suggests is a rope made of cotton, which is not only diverse forms, with the thickness of the points, there are specifications of the length of the points, and in real life, the cotton rope and no fixed effect, but through the people Dexterous use, the Miansheng can always play its unique role in various fields, for example, Cotton Rope for rough cotton rope, we can make it into a simple clothes rope, and fine cotton rope can be used for string curtains and so on How many of our cotton rope by the mechanism, Cotton Rope the manual has been very rare, and the common Miansheng 8 shares, 16 shares And 32 shares of the points.

The use of the Miansheng

To know that the current Miansheng not only have the thickness of the difference, there is also the core of the core is not the core of the points, people also used to dyed robe into different colors, Cotton Rope so that it can adapt to more areas of the need, which, color Of the cotton rope is generally used for decorative accessories and clothing drawstring production. The three shares of the Miansheng, its appearance appears rubbing twist-like, Cotton Rope it is often used as decorative rope, but also as a technology on the use of the beam rope.

Price of cotton rope

With the development of machine technology, and now the price of cotton rope has gradually become low, even a dollar price, we can buy the same quality Miansheng. In the market, one meter of the package with the price of about 2 yuan, and expensive cotton robe, the price of 4 yuan a meter or so. Cotton Rope For those who like their own diy handmade friends, the choice of some of the color of the Miansheng is also a good decision, the price is generally around 1.5 yuan, if you just want to make their own baby clothes, may wish to quickly take to the streets To buy some color of the Miansheng it!

Said so much, do not know if we have a rough understanding of the Miansheng it, in view of the use of a wide range of Miansheng, Xiaobian suggested that you may wish to purchase some of the purchase number, in case of time to prevent Oh!