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Knitting Rope Using Skill

Jun 30, 2017

Now weaving rope is the most common supplies in life, has been widely used in various industries, but many people in the purchase of woven rope products, often do not understand how to use correctly. Weaving rope manufacturers today and we talk about this knowledge it!

Used in different industries of the braided rope, the use of methods is different, for the use of different objects, the requirements are not the same, one of the most basic requirements are not allowed to knot knot use, Braid Rope not allowed to hook directly in the braided rope On the use, because this is very serious for the wear of the braided rope. And the various parts of the braided rope shall not be arbitrarily removed. For the use of frequent rope, to always do the appearance of inspection, if found abnormal, Braid Rope it should be replaced immediately.

Safe storage method for braided rope

When we buy a large number of braided rope is required to be stored after the good, if stored properly will cause a variety of problems, such as fading, tensile performance decline, etc., Braid Rope then how to store it, the following Zhanxin plastic small We tell you how to store braided rope.

In fact, very simple, weaving rope can not be placed on the wet ground to prevent the slaughter of rodents and insects. More can not straighten on the ground, so easy to penetrate the dirt, sand will wear rope inside the rope. Straightening rope is generally made of plastic fiber or linen, afraid of the sun, so the storage should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight.

Another point is that if the weaving rope is dirty, Braid Rope we have to clean it immediately. But do not clean the place where the weaving rope is stored, we can consult when we buy the braided rope manufacturers.

We are interested in the use of braided rope.

(1) braided rope is mainly used in blow molding, injection molding and other fields, in other industries have not yet fully applied.

(2) braided rope in use, is strictly prohibited with sharp objects in direct contact, such as can not be avoided when the pad to protect the object.

(3) braided rope should have a good acid and alkali resistance (intolerant with the oxidation of acid), but still do not have a long time with acid, alkali and other corrosive media contact.

(4) braided rope with high strength, low temperature, moisture, and have good printability and machinability.

(5) braided rope should be carefully checked before use, such as local injury and local corrosion serious, Braid Rope can be cut off the damaged part of the use of plug.