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Knitting Method Of Knitting Rope

Jun 15, 2017

Weaving rope in our daily life everywhere, and the product natural and beautiful, by the consumer favorite, the market prospects. With the progress of technology, many high-end sophisticated knitting machinery into the Chinese market, the current market in China encountered product and management of the lack of innovation, then how should deal with it?

In China, engaged in knitting machinery research institutions less, the lack of overall development capabilities, improve technology development capabilities and equipment level, Braid Rope is a professional machinery manufacturers must solve the problem.

For the production of China's weaving rope industry, pay attention to the process, mechanical design automation. The material and the thickness of a high resolution.

Knitting machinery for raw materials, including polyester, nylon, PP, low elasticity, high elasticity, cotton yarn (line), pearl line, leather materials, nylon multifilament (wire), polypropylene filament (line),

Braided rope braid method --- braid the basic method is to cut a number of a number of knitted or fixed, the edge of the material were folded to the middle, cross each other. Braided the basic weaving law: [left] fold → pick pressure → [right] fold → pick pressure.

Due to the number of braids and the way to pick the different pressure, the formation of a variety of braid, there are three braids, four braids, bracelet, seven braids, wide braids, Braid Rope pigtails and multi-stranded braids and so on. Most of the braid is flat, easy to process staples or re-woven into a variety of handmade products.

1. Braided rope three braid specific steps are as follows:

① the three ends of the rope after the tie, left and right to split into three shares.

② the left of a share to the right fold, Braid Rope the middle of a pressure to replace the middle of a stock position.

③ the right one to the left fold, the middle of a pressure.

2. Weaving rope four flat braid specific steps are as follows:

① tie the end of the four strands and start in sequence.

② the right side of a rope to the left fold 1.

③ the left side of a rope to the right pressure 1.

④ left and right two in the middle of the cross, right rope down the left rope.

Weaving rope twist method --- Stranded method is a pair or double strand as a group of horizontal weaving latitude, and fixed position of the warp to do cross-weaving. While the two shares at the same time to the warp to pick the pressure (that is, a pick, a pressure), and then two weft rope cross-phase twist, this method can be made into a variety of cylindrical baskets, baskets and so on.

Weaving rope side of the law --- edge method also known as the lock side, Braid Rope is to make the knitting fabric edge reinforcement is not loose method. Commonly used to have a folding edge, braid edge, etc., Braid Rope the basic method is to turn, pick pressure or plug head.

The basic weaving law of the law is: A variety of braided knits are generally used to break the edge of the mouth. The weaving rules are: turned → pick pressure.

Braided rope flower method --- disk flower method is based on the design of the rope will be coiled, so that the line overlap, tangent to form the desired shape, and then disk nail.

The basic production of the law is: plate → staple → plate → staples. Sewing to try to do not see the seams. In general, the needle and thread should be sewn on the back of the flower, Braid Rope the color of the suture to the same color with the flower rope, pin to be fine.