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High Abrasion Resistance Of Tiger Ropes

Oct 13, 2017

Tiger rope by a lot of strands of monofilament, each single round on a spindle, for the same diameter, the number of spindles more power (dynamic) better, the number of spindles less, the more wear-resisting. So one person chooses 48 spindles of rope (Top Gun) for better power and chooses 32 spindles rope (Wall Master III) for more abrasion resistance.

Under the 80KG tensile force, the single rope cannot exceed 8% and the double rope cannot exceed 10%. It is this elasticity that allows the rope to absorb the falling energy. The extension cannot be too large, Tiger Rope or it will become a bungee cord.

The larger the diameter of the rope generally has a longer available time, but they are also heavier and more difficult to make. In weight and ease of use of important lines, it is best to choose a thin rope. The overall performance of the rope should be considered as a balance of weight and dynamic performance. Recommendation: Measurements of dimensions are not as accurate as weight, Tiger Rope so it is better to compare the weight of the rope rather than the size. ‘

The role of the tiger rope is to absorb the falling energy, reduce the impact and its role. Tiger Rope The choice of ropes is the basic factor. In this respect, the quality of the rope is judged by its ability to lead to low impact and the ability to preserve slander after another shock.

In the fall, the protection point is subjected to two forces: the climber and the protector, which synthesizes a pull. If the rope does not absorb enough energy, the protection point will be greatly affected, Tiger Rope increasing the danger of the protection point failure. Low impact rope is the key to reduce the force of protection point.

The tiger rope is a mountaineering outfit. Divide the main rope and auxiliary rope two kinds. The main rope is 60--100 m, about 10 mm in diameter, and weighs 0 per metre. 08 kg Tiger Rope, tensile strength requirements not less than 1,800 kg. In the past, more jute production has been used, and nylon fibers have been converted to raw materials. Another is a 8--9 mm diameter of the main rope, weighing 0 per meter. 06 kg, Tiger Rope tensile strength is not less than 1,600 kg, used to climb steep cliff. The length of the auxiliary rope is determined according to the activities of each region, without uniform specification, the rope diameter is 6--7 mm, and the weight of each meter is no more than 0. 04 kg, tensile strength is not less than 1,200 kg, raw materials and main rope is the same, used for self-protection and the use of a variety of auxiliary rope on the main rope to protect, as well as the rope bridge across the river, Tiger Rope with traction rope bridge transport supplies.

The tiger rope, the color is bright, the wear-resisting strength is high, Tiger Rope does not have the elasticity.