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Good Abrasion Resistance Of Braided Rope

Oct 13, 2017

Braided rope is a rope which is used to protect the safety of people and articles in the aerial work, generally synthetic rope, hemp rope or steel wire ropes. In the construction, installation, Braid Rope maintenance and other high-altitude work, applicable to outside electrical, construction workers, telecommunications workers, wire maintenance and other similar jobs.

Light, soft, high safety factor, long service life, no electric conduction, no electric shock hazard, good resistance to corrosion and other advantages, is gradually replacing wire rope and chain rigging.

Nylon Braided Belt Features: Light weight, easy to use, no damage to the surface of suspended objects, lifting smooth, safe, strong, bright colors, Braid Rope improve labor efficiency, cost

Corrosion resistance, good wear resistance.

The ambient temperature of nylon braided belt is generally -40℃~+100℃, and is strictly forbidden to be used in high-temperature environment.

Weaving rope Braid Method--The basic method of braided braid is to tie the end of a number of the root of the material, and then the side of the knitting material to the middle fold, cross the pressure. The basic weaving rule of braid method: [left] fold → pick pressure →[right] fold → pick pressure.

Because of the number of strands and the method of selecting and pressing, Braid Rope various braiding methods have been formed, including three strands of braid, four strands, five strands, seven strands, wide braid, and many strands of braided braid. Braided most of the flat-shaped, Braid Rope easy to process sewing nails or woven into a variety of handmade products.

1. Braided rope Three strands the concrete operation steps are as follows:

① will three strands of rope at one end of the tie, left and right divided into three strands.

② the left side of a strand to the right, press the middle of a stock, Braid Rope replace the middle of the position.

③ to the right side of the left fold, pressure in the middle of a strand.

2. Braided rope four strands of braid concrete operation steps are as follows:


① tied one end of the four strands of rope and unfolded in sequence.

② the right side of the rope to the left to fold 1.

③ left a strand of rope to the right fold 1.

④ left and right two strands in the middle cross, right rope pressure left rope.

Braided rope Weaving Method Twisted weave method is a set of horizontal weft knitting with one or two strands of rope, and the warp knitting with fixed position. Two strands at the same time to the warp-pressure (that is, one-piece, one-piece pressure), and then the two strands of weft-crossing twisted, Braid Rope this kind of method can be made into a variety of cylindrical baskets, baskets and so on.

The edge-trimming method of braided ropes, also known as seam-lock, is a method for reinforcing the edge of the knitted fabric. Commonly used is the folding edge, braid edge, and so on, Braid Rope the basic method is light-tubes, pick pressure or plug head.

The basic weaving law of the method of collecting edge is: Fold → pick pressure → fold → pick pressure. A variety of twisted pieces are generally used to fold the edge of the braid. Its weaving law is: turn away → pick pressure.

The basic production rule of disc Huafa is: Disc → sewing nail → disc → sewing nail. When sewing, you should try to see no seams. Generally speaking, sewing should be sewn on the back of the flower, Braid Rope the color of the stitches should be the same color as the line, the stitches should be detailed.