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Braided Rope Has Wear Resistance

Sep 27, 2017

The braided rope is twisted or woven into a rope-body structure by several strands of rope, each of which is twisted by a plurality of fibers the fiber is formed by the uniform mixing of one or more of the fibers in nylon fiber, germanium fiber, tourmaline fiber, Braid Rope nanometer magnetic fiber and anion fiber and the silver fiber, the braided rope is tubular or flat or cross-sectional. The braided rope of the utility model not only has good radiation-proof ability, at the same time also has bactericidal, deodorant, anti-static and health benefits, and low cost, Braid Rope easy to promote the use of, and has more flexibility and practicality, and can be woven into a variety of ropes according to the needs of the public to meet the aesthetic requirements. And in woven rope fiber mixed with all kinds of functional fibers, can further improve the health function of jewelry.

Characteristics of Braided Ropes

Braided rope is: A super-strong polyethylene fiber, the use of gel spinning method for production, with the following characteristics:

1 The braided rope has good insulation and moisture-proof performance, which can guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment in the process of electrified crossing construction.

2 The strong fenced-in of the sheath is unaffected by the vibration of the breeze, Braid Rope and there is no effect of the reduction of the broken strand and strength.

3 The high tensile strength of braided rope is an effective way to improve the bearing capacity, and its low elongation can control effective sag, so that under load, Braid Rope the Fox falls down as small as possible to ensure that the sealing device and the electric power clearance distance meet the safety requirements.

4 The braided rope has the characteristics of good resistance to variable curvature fatigue, abrasion resistance, ultraviolet radiation and chemical corrosion resistance, Braid Rope so it is beneficial to recycle in the construction.

5 Woven rope fiber material light, the same break tensile strength condition, vigorously fenced-in per metre weight only 15% of the wire rope, use vigorously fenced-in to reduce labor intensity, Braid Rope improve efficacy and timeliness.