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Braided Rope For People To Bring Convenience

Aug 04, 2017

Woven rope Uses: Widely used in clothing, shoe materials, luggage, industry, agriculture, military, transportation and other industries.

Woven rope Material: polypropylene, polyester, cotton, anti-nylon, nylon;

Braided rope in fact living in every corner, colorful braided rope so that our lives full of color, so that our life rules, orderly. Braided rope is a relatively long service life of the bundling tool, Braid Rope and therefore its use is more extensive, in daily life with a very high frequency. But the knitting rope is not suitable for storage when the user needs special attention, the following for you a brief introduction.

1, are not allowed to knot rope knot use, Braid Rope are not allowed to hook directly on the use of nylon rope.

2, nylon rope on the various components shall not be arbitrarily removed.

3, nylon rope used three years later, according to the bulk purchase situation, sampling once, do static load test to 2206N pull pull 5 min, no break can continue to use. Braid Rope For frequent use of the rope, to always do the appearance of inspection, if found abnormal, it should be replaced immediately.

4, the rope life of three years, found abnormal should be scrapped in advance to avoid the impact of your production and life.

Weaving rope for people to bring convenience, save money for people. Braided rope in the market can be better development, but also need to manufacturers have professional equipment, its function to the maximum, let it play the biggest role. Should be kept after use.

Product description and use attention

Braided rope (hereinafter referred to as lifting belt) light, soft, high safety factor, long life, non-conductive, no electric shock, corrosion has a good resistance, etc., Braid Rope is gradually replacing wire rope rigging and chain rigging.

Braided rope features: light weight, easy to use; do not hurt the surface of the hanging object; lifting smooth, safe; strong high, colorful; improve labor efficiency, cost savings

Corrosion resistance, wear resistance

Use Note:

Do not use the damaged sling; do not twist, twist the rope; do not let the sling knot; avoid tearing the joint parts or overload work; when moving the sling, do not drag it; Forced to shock or shock load; each sling in every use must be checked before; polyester has resistance to inorganic acid function, Braid Rope but vulnerable to organic acid damage

Polypropylene is suitable for the most resistant to the use of chemicals; nylon resistance to inorganic acid, susceptible to organic acid damage; nylon in the damp, the strong loss of up to 15%

If the sling is likely to be contaminated with chemicals or at high temperatures, Braid Rope consultants should be consulted.

product manual:

The use of woven rope ambient temperature is generally -40 ℃ ~ +100 ℃, is strictly prohibited in high temperature environment. When the fiber is exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long period of time, the strength will decrease. Therefore, it should not be used in the area where the ultraviolet radiation is strong. Lifting the belt to avoid lifting operations in molten metal, acid, glass, Braid Rope friable items, nuclear reactors, and special environments. The ultimate working load and the range of use of the lifting belt are based on the test data of the lifting belt and are prohibited from overloading. Do not allow cross or reverse the use of lifting belt, the use of the process, not allowed to knot, screw.